Acoustic Consulting

Architectural Acoustics
Building Acoustics (CTE DB-HR projects)
Auditorium, Theater and Multipurpose Rooms
Sound Studio Desing
Noise Control

In company training

We adapt to the specific needs of each company to provide what they need in the field of acoustics.

Collaboration with companies to search for new materials, solutions and designs that bring innovation applied to acoustic.


We use the following software among others:

  • Odeon Auditorium: Software for room acoustics.
  • Insul: Software for predicting the sound insulation in walls, floors and ceilings.
  • SONarchitect: Software for calculation of acoustic insulation in buildings.
  • CadnaA: Software for the calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise.
  • CadnaR: Software tool for the calculation and assessment of sound inside rooms and at workplaces.


We use the following callibrated equipment:

  • Sound level meter and spectrum analyser Cesva SC 420
  • Sound calibrator Cesva CB006
  • Omnidirectional sound source
  • Omnidirectional low frequency sound source
  • Power Amplifier